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Recent legislation in Washington state

  1. ID Cards for Individuals in State Custody or Care (E2SHB 2099):

  1. Gate Money at Release (2SSB 5893):

  • This law expands the requirement that DOC provides suitable clothing, gate money, and transportation to individuals released or discharged from custody after serving a term of confinement in a state prison. It now applies to those transferred to community custody under DOC supervision or transferred to partial confinement as part of programs like the Graduated Reentry Program (GRE) or work release. The minimum gate money amount was previously set at $40, with a range from $40 to $3001.

  1. Changes to Conditions of Community Custody (HB 2303):

  • Under this law, DOC and the Indeterminate Sentence Review Board (ISRB) can now set conditions of community custody that are not directly related to the crime of conviction. Previously, conditions had to relate to the crime, the risk of reoffending, and community safety. This new law allows for broader conditions to be imposed1.

These legislative changes aim to improve support for incarcerated individuals during reentry and enhance their chances of successful transition.

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