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Our long-term Vision and Goals are to be able to provide employment, housing, drug counseling and treatment, and transportation, as well as mentoring of offenders upon their release from prison or jail. We can see a future where society will appreciate everyone released from custody as a person of value who should be given the chance to prove him or herself. All they need is a little support and the right tools.

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We believe that:

Transitioning offenders have dignity and value. They should be treated accordingly.

Every responsible man or woman has the right to have a place to live, a place to work, and food for their table.

Men and women have it in them to change and expect something better from themselves.

The best way to help someone is to help him/her to help him or herself.

Every person is amenable to change, and should have the opportunity for redemption.

Those who have "been there" are best qualified to determine what the solutions to transitioning problems are.


  • To help transitioning offenders obtain a place to live, reliable employment, a means of transportation, education, and local support, by providing them with the resources available in their communities.

  • To reduce the recidivism rate of felons in Washington State

  • To promote public safety through rehabilitation and successful reentry into the community

  • To promote improved relationships between offenders and the individuals who may provide assistance for personal change and successful reentry, particularly DOC personnel.

  • Training TOP Staff/Board members to communicate with Department of Corrections staff and transitioning inmates.

  • Programming preparedness for TOP processes.

  • Post Pandemic preparedness.

Image by Markus Winkler
Image by Markus Winkler


Through research, hard work, and the help of our wonderful volunteers, we have developed a database of over 8,000 resources available to felons throughout Washington State. This information provides the tools to assist them with a successful reentry into the community. We not only help them with aspects of their day-to-day life but help them mend bridges and become contributing members of society. We help them become part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

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